Thursday, 31 October 2013

1940's blouses

I'm not sure how many Simplicity patterns now include the finished garment measurements ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE ENVELOPE - but I really, really appreciate it!!! It made choosing which of the sizes to pick easy and saved me from making a top with 10 INCHES of EASE!!!
(ok, enough yelling now ;)

This is Simplicity a 1940's reproduction top, view c, that I purchased while waiting (rather impatiently) for a vintage pattern to fly over from the USA. (I had the most wonderful of times at the Vintage Martini clearance sale and now possibly have more vintage patterns than I have time to sew)
Gorgeous vintage buttons from the Polished Button

Lovely fabric button loops

Pattern Review: Simplicity 1692
  • I chose view C and cut a size 8 for my 34" bust
  • I extended the bust darts a further 5cm.
  • I lowered and widened the neckline, losing two of my lovely vintage buttons but also regaining the ability to breathe.
  • I converted the facings provided with the pattern to a complete, or all in one facing - well, ok, I chose to fully line the bodice - with the aid of Jenny's wonderful series of tutorials on making facings your friends (you can find the entire series here:)
  • I should have done a sway back adjustment, left the back darts in and inserted the side zip  (especially as the side zip was the reason I chose the pattern…)

The evidence supporting my need to do a sway back adjustment - to return the additional back pleats, and not leave out the zip next time.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Dachshunds, Dinosaurs and dabbling in spring sewing

This weekend was the last of the September school holidays here and after some gale force winds earlier in the fortnight, spring decided to make an appearance.

So, we ventured out to a magical place from my childhood and introduced the dinosaurs to the next generation ;)

The dreaming dachshund of this blog has been asleep during the last few photo shoots, but he played happily with his kin while the human puppies attempted an obstacle course...
... and there was coffee requiring roasting, of course..

Spring sewing so far has been two versions of Disparate Discipline's Dandelion dress - with a post of its own to follow - my first review is here, and the grey ponte/ponti version fits and is nearly ready to share.

And another of my comfort sews - a heavy knit maxi skirt with a yoga/maternity waistband in navy & red stripes.
There are maxi skirt tutorials scattered across the internet. This spring I've enjoyed glancing at The pretty chevron one (although the waist seam will be on the outside & the waist measurements are too big for me; it is a pretty tutorial) and elizabeth avenue (which has a fabric layout & dimensions that work for me) for a reminder.

My maxi skirt variations include:

  • Sewing the waistband in a >=< bow shape so it doesn't sit out from my waist (one of my standard sway back adaptations)
  • Using 1~2 inches less than my waist diameter (depending the stretch of the fabric)
  • and pockets, pockets are important ;)

For this one though, I'm (im)patiently waiting for my non-.pdf version of the Cake Red Velvet Collection so I can try Steph's hidden zip pocket (yes, I'm being good and waiting rather than hacking a version!)

And I've been happily drafting my summer woven maxi dress/es ;)
(...... and ignoring the Bombshell fabric & notions glaring accusingly from the corner....)

in fact, I'm ignoring the summer sews so much that I've just added the SewFab e-pattern bundle to my collection ;)


I've finally embraced Instagram and Twitter and caught a glimpse of where all the cool people are hanging out ;)
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