Sunday, 27 April 2014

Sew for Victory - 1943 woollen skirt (S4775) and Dahlia

Allow me to introduce Simplicity 4775 (1943) as a navy wool skirt and Wearing History's Dahlia blouse for Sewing for Victory 2.0

Sew for Victory is a 1940's themed sew along that is in it's second year - with many to come! It's hosted by the lovely Rochelle of Lucky Lucille and this year has ran from March until 30th April. It's open to everyone, with the only proviso that we sew a 1940's (original, reproduction or inspired) outfit during these dates.
Next year I think I'll muslin it up before the start date!
Simplicity 4775 (1943) and Wearing History's Dahlia Blouse View A
Daydreaming as usual, I haven't noticed that my hem's down

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

MadMen3 - Jane Sterling she's a mod mod girl

Some days, a project just takes on a life of it's own. My social Anna was born out of picking up the right fabric with the right friends present to facilitate it's construction.

This story is like that, although I'll credit the online community and dreams of Sterling Cooper.

I had SO much fun with channelling 1967! Imagine if you will, that Jane Sterling hooks up with Megan Draper's hip friends after her divorce from Sterling (which was very, very expensive) and hits the town...

Followers of The Monthly Stitches Miss Bossy Patterns may recall that I had as option three a rayon printed with an Art Nouveau/1970's geometric design. I was asking for assistance about which late 60's pattern to sew up, my Mum's straight shift dress, or a raglan sleeved one that I thought was simply darling ;)

Influencing my choices was Julia Bobbin's MadMen Challenge #3 - and the seasons have caught up with the late 1960's, opening the challenge to shift dresses and more free-loving styles.
Julia Bobbin - Mad Men Challenge III