Friday, 31 January 2014

Happy New Year - Love, the Dachshund xxx

Happy Lunar New Year everyone!
Surely that means I can post my December and January Monthly Stitch challenges on time??
no?? These are all gratuitous dachshund shots….. good enough reason? excellent! let's just ignore the timestamps and cover them here….
December's Challenge was "tis the season to Party" and I wore my project top to three Christmas functions, including family lunch on Christmas Day. Did I get a single photo of it - well, of course not ;)
Needless to say this is an 'action' shot as he spied something worth considering leaping into action for
It is Leisl+Co's Weekend Getaway Blouse and I admit, I was completely influenced by Lara Thornberry's two and SewBusyLizzy's versions.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

It's a jungle out there - in the water

Jungle January in Australia finds us merging into our native environments of the beach, the freshwater lake and the local suburban pool… or with 5 days over 40C (110F), into anywhere with functioning air-conditioning…
Knowing that all of the above environments were likely in January, I needed some camouflage, stat. Something rated to SPF50+, in marine colourations, able to merge with the background water wherever it may be found and also to survive the hike in and lifeguard duty while there.

Enter Cake's Cabarita in spongy wetsuit material. It's in the snow peacock 'pant-tone' colourway, but do I spy some little kittys peeking out from that big cat print?

Friday, 3 January 2014

Victory Nicole

Victory Patterns' Nicola has always been there, just hovering under my radar - woven wrap dress, cute petal sleeves, convertible to top and skirt combo, named after me (no, not me, it is a beautiful story though)
 - how could it not be on my sewing wishlist!