Sunday, 12 May 2013

1920's Love ;) Great Gatsby Sewing Challenge

I do love the 1920's - women feeling free to express themselves and step away from the Victorian era after a time of great change.

When gazing at my lovely black & white fabric and the delightful images on Pinterest and other blogs - I just kept asking: "What would Phryne do?"

 the EvaDress 6332 ;)
Love the cloche and the slouchy boots

...and I do have the Vintage Pattern selector at my fingertips, and they do have a rather lovely drop waisted dress with side pleats... but I'm not feeling any love for PDF's at the moment, so drafting it is ;)

...stay tuned - the Great Gatsby screening at the Kino to raise $$ for the St Vincents Institute is in 2 weeks ;)
Do you want to come along?

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