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Sew for Victory - 1943 woollen skirt (S4775) and Dahlia

Allow me to introduce Simplicity 4775 (1943) as a navy wool skirt and Wearing History's Dahlia blouse for Sewing for Victory 2.0

Sew for Victory is a 1940's themed sew along that is in it's second year - with many to come! It's hosted by the lovely Rochelle of Lucky Lucille and this year has ran from March until 30th April. It's open to everyone, with the only proviso that we sew a 1940's (original, reproduction or inspired) outfit during these dates.
Next year I think I'll muslin it up before the start date!
Simplicity 4775 (1943) and Wearing History's Dahlia Blouse View A
Daydreaming as usual, I haven't noticed that my hem's down

I do have a lovely selection of 1940's original and inspired patterns, however they're not all in my size and I do still have a wariness for tailored shirts and shirt dresses - next year I promise!
When Anne from Mercury Handmade mentioned on twitter that she was de-stashing a few vintage patterns, I jumped on a 1940 dress/jumper in my hip size.

My initial disappointment that the front bodice piece is awol (which I'd overlooked until I was laying the pieces out as the shirt pattern is included and complete) was eased by DH pointing out that I'd get much more wear out of the skirt as a separate - and he's so right ;)

I used some wonderful tips from couture seamstress A Challenging Sew for converting the dress skirt into a faced waistband, lining from the facing and inserting a waist stay.
It is lined in silk and based on these photos, I do still need to do quite a bit more pressing & moving of some topstitching.
I was still settling into a finished length when I had my photo shoot, so please politely ignore my basted hem. I will trim the pleats in the hem now that I've settled for 'on the knee'.
Really, lets all look away from my fallen hem...


The 1943 Simplicity pattern pieces were both notched and marked - bliss!

The instructions were also clear and appropriately illustrated, they are a joy to read.

Wearing History Patterns
My blouse is the Dahlia blouse, View A with the sleeves from View C, from Wearing History who kindly had a sale as Sew for Victory 2.0 was announced. I adore all 3 versions of this - how wonderful that they are all included in .pdf form - instant gratification ;)

Since becoming more aware of fit, I've been wary of fitted woven tops with long sleeves and this blouse was drafted in the late 1930s, when ease was quite different to now.

I muslined (several times) and have found a bodice and armscythe curve that really works for me - I have near full range of arm movement in this blouse! I do seem to have muslinned out some of the lovely drapieness coming from the shoulder, I'll keep that in mind when I sew up View B.

I'm also very happy with my lapped zips in both skirt and blouse - they went in smoothly (especially the blouse) and are vintage Lightening Zipps from my stash. In the spirit of Making Do and Mending - every notion & fabric came from the stash - the 2 patterns were my only new purchases.
Lapped side zips in both blouse and skirt
Both blouse and skirt work well as separates and as we begin a very chilly and wet MeMadeMay14 #MMM14, they'll be in high rotation.

MaciNic said...
I, MaciNic of the Somnolent Dachshund, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '14. I will endeavour to wear something made by me every day of May 2014.

Thank You again Rochelle for all of your work and inspiration with Sew for Victory 2.0!
Even without a dachshund I still get photobombed!


  1. Love the fabric, and a very vintage look!

  2. Lovely choices!

  3. Yay! You got there :) The bird fabric looks awesome in blouse-form, good choosing, team! :p

  4. Isn't the shared brain of social sewing fabulous - it was an excellent choice! The skirt & I still have some work to do together, but it's looking good (loving it with a Drape top!)

  5. Thanks Maria ;) I'm quietly confident that they'll both be on high rotation as they go so well with other separates.

  6. Thank You! I'm impressed with your suit! ;)

  7. Philippa Lincoln28 April 2014 at 04:41

    Oh I love your vintage style choices! I really wanted to take part this year but knew I wouldn't have time (especially with going away). I can't wait to see what everyone else has made and hopefully joining in next year. I think vintage pieces can be mixed in with modern style clothes pretty successfully and I really love all the small details on the patterns that make them a little different to today's offerings.

  8. SeamsOddLouise.Blogspot.com28 April 2014 at 08:45

    I love the look of vintage clothes particularly the 1930s I may have to join in next year.

  9. Aw, the photobomber is adorable! I love your vintage makes here...great fabric choices for the patterns...and don't you just love those yellowed pattern instructions. Precious really! Great styling with your hair and shoes, and even your pose too!

  10. Thank you ;) My absolute favourite are the vintage wool/suit jackets - the seaming = fabulous!! I am secretly hopeful that I'll be able to tackle something that ambitious in the next few years. I do look forward to seeing your creations for 2015.

  11. Ohhh, please do!! I love your 2 peacock dresses - adorable! ;)

  12. Thank you! ;) - and yes, I love the sheer age of the instructions & pattern pieces - it was a tad nerve wracking unfolding them though! ;)

  13. Oh no, I hadn't noticed the front was missing from that jumper! You didn't say... I'm so sorry!!! I had checked through, but obviously missed that. You've done a great job turning it into just a skirt, it looks fabulous with that blouse.

  14. That's SO not a problem Anne! ;) Of all the pieces, it would be simplest to draft & there was a picture of it! I hadn't noticed til I was laying out anyway, so very easy to overlook ;) I think I really wanted the pleated skirt in my size most of all as I haven't cut out the sun dress/pinafore/jumper yet ;)

  15. What a gorgeous outfit!!! I've added it to the #vintagepledge Pinterest board and look forward to seeing what else you make


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