Monday, 14 September 2015

Achievement Unlocked : KNITTING : Liathite in Malachite

My very first 'BIG' knitted item!!
Well, ok, I did start a white jumper back in the 80's, but mum finished it, I think I might have made it part way down the front...
Yes, the only thing I'd ever finished knitting before casting on for this was my little scarflett.

Channelling my inner 30's self: Flat shoes. Wide legged pants. Cloche. Comfy woollens. 
Grumpy expression = sun in eyes, give me back my sunglasses...
 This is Carol Feller's (Stolen Stitches) Liathite cardigan. It's top down, and all in one, so there's no seaming which my 91 yr young grandma is very amazed at, but it got so heavy to lug around!! The attraction of Nicky Gabriels's triangle jumper, as made by Carolyn, has never been so acute.
The Stolen Stitches pattern was very explanatory and the cables were both charted and written out. I knitted the body, adjusting for length and width as needed (loved trying it on as I went!) and the cable pattern just kept marching down the CFs (well, so long as I remembered which row number they were up to).
I dropped the underarm seams by doing a few (2cm worth) rows without increases before joining front & back - eternal thanks to my online knitting mentors, especially Gail & Jillian for their input.
Look Mumma, no set in sleeves!
It's knit in Bendigo Woollen Mills' 12 ply Stellar, the same 50% bamboo & 50% wool blend of my little scarflett.
All Ravelry details on my project page here.

These photos were pre-blocking as I nabbed my photographer when I could. I was a little wary of soaking it, and having all sorts of trepidation about using the bamboo - it's so gorgeous to wear against my skin & keeps me a lovely temperature, but I was afraid of it stretching with the weight of the cardigan. I didn't need to worry as much, it dried in less than a day (much faster than my bamboo socks!), didn't stretch and the stitches have settled smoothly - I'm a convert ;0
Fully Zipped
The zip 'should' be blue. I had a perfect 2 way zip ready for it when I polled Instagram about how long to knit it. I haven't found another (longer) 2 way zip in blue, and I was a tad impatient to 'just wear it', so it has a cream zipper for now, I might swap it out, or not ;)
I do like the crushed velvet ribbon I stitched to the zipper tape.
The cardigan is significantly longer than the pattern, and I omitted the hood. Several other knitters have made a high ribbed collar that folds over, I've opted for a snug crew neck that doesn't get in the way of my extensive scarf collection ;)
I know it's not perfect, but, I finished it, I made a proper adult cardigan! I've also been throwing it on every evening as the temperature cools inside my home, it's so perfectly snuggly.

And now? I want to knit ALL the things!!!!
Next up will be a post on my hats, such pretty, rewarding little hats ;)


  1. Lovely work and congratulations! I still haven't managed to make something for myself. I made Adele a cardigan in this yarn and I dont' think it has stretch out, but it looks a little fuzzy, which is probably from kid wear or poor laundering by me.

  2. I can't believe you did this after only knitting a scarflett! And for goodness sake cables! You're putting us all to shame. This is truly spectacular and I truly believe that it is so utterly amazing to create both fabric AND garment from thousand upon thousands of little knots (as my husband likes to say) that any finished object is in fact perfectly perfect xx

  3. Well done! It looks great. Very sleek fitting across the back shoulders. And I like the velvet ribbon too.


  4. It's absolutely beautiful! And such an impressive first full-size garment! It's a really lovely pattern and it fits you perfectly. Looking forward to seeing what's off your needles next - sounds like you've definitely caught the knitting bug!

  5. Wow, well done. Sounds like you really have the knitting bug. This really looks great on you. Am in awe!

  6. Congratulations on your achievement. Your jumper looks great!
    I have been known to knit but tend to lose interest in projects, so I salute you!

  7. I'm so impressed! I have bought wool and printed off a cardigan pattern (also has front cables), but I picked a seamed one to start with. but it looks like I missed this winter......

  8. Congrats! It looks so cozy. And sooooooo much more nicely finished than my first sweater, lol.

  9. So incredibly impressed! I still can't believe this is your first jumper it looks brilliant!! Also yay for getting it done with some cool weather to spare :-)

  10. Wow, very impressive! This looks fabulous on you and those cables look quite complex... and your first project! Nothing like aiming high and knocking it out of the park while you're at it!!

  11. Excellent work! I knew you could do it!

  12. Beautiful job on the cardigan! I"m so impressed. Love the hat, too!

  13. Yay!! Well done you :) I remember my first big finished knitting project, it was the Miette cardigan, and I love that thing. I'm currently working on my second big knitting project, the Belfast Cardigan by Quince and Co. This thing is massive, it's going to take me so much longer to make that miette due to it's size, but it's such a lovely pattern. Anyway, congrats again, you must be so proud :)


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