Sunday, 22 December 2019

Fabulous Falda

It's been a few years, I've been playing over on Instagram as maciniccreates and my hair is definitely longer.

I had to make a special post here for my latest jacket, as the Falda is so very blog worthy.

Pattern Fantastique have a small, well curated, selection of patterns, that until recently, I've admired, but not sewn. Lets just say that I get the hype now. 

They're very professionally drafted, with small details like the sizes inside notches, that are really helpful. And they're interesting. Perfectly distinctive and so very wearable, especially in linen or a statement fabric.
(and I have some amazing designer dead stock statement fabrics in stash)
The Falda pattern is amazing, the attention to detail is appreciated and the finished jacket is worth the effort and extra time taken to think about several steps & relook at the illustrations with fresh eyes - they’re correct, and not initially instinctive.
I sewed the size 10 Falda jacket with no modifications, apart from the limitations of my fabric choice. I did try to extend the length at the final hem stages (and by cutting my facings longer to fit). Next time I'll make it longer before cutting out.

I first saw this fabric a very long time ago (it’s Nicholas from around 2015) and pictured it with the dramatic design of the Falda, but it took time to realise that it wasn’t such a strange idea.
Yes, keen eyes will notice I cut 2 pockets, not a mirrored pair

The fabric is very designer, clearly printed for a particular figure hugging dress, with abrupt colour changes and lines. Laying out the incredibly unique pattern pieces was an exercise in puzzle solving and trust and I’m rather chuffed that I interpreted the seams & folds as well as I did. 

Yes, I look forward to a solid version for winter and buying the rest of the #patternfantastique Collection

All errors are mine, and/or the unforgiving nature of the fabric - it doesn’t like ironing or unpicking and layers tended to shift annoyingly when top stitching.

It’s bonkers, and I love it.

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