Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Sewing from Japanese Pattern Books - DrapeDrape2

I do like the visual style of sewing from Japanese pattern books & magazines in general.
Having instructions in english doesn't seem as important when the pattern pieces fit together and there are numbers indicating the order of sewing and which bits connect where.
 - and I might just like a puzzle, perhaps ;) *

For my contribution to the Monthly Stitch for November's challenge "From a sewing book", I chose a Japanese magazine "Female", however that dress can wait for another post as I had a delightful time with DrapeDrape2.

I've previously blogged about the batwing dress of awesomeness and this time I'd love to introduce you my renditions of #2 and #4
#4 The left sleeve is a batwing with lovely draping, while the right is a more 'typical' sleeve shape

 #4 Asymmetrical Top: The neckline has a bias strip applied, the armholes and waist are turned and stitched.
My only variation to the XL size was to raise the front neckline by 5cm ;) Next time (and yes, the fabric is washed and ready), I'll add some circumference to the left sleeve opening as well. The fabric is the same as my Tiramisu, from the Alannah Hill/Dangerfield (ClearIT) outlet

If you'd like a guide to upsizing this pattern (I'm a 34" bust & this is the XL), SewBrunswick recently posted an excellent view of her changes, and of the pattern piece (yes, piece, the DrapeDrape2 patterns are based on minimal pattern pieces or seams)

The shape of the top can be seen best here,
it is quite asymmetrical & in a pinch,
the draping can be used to hold keys/phone for a short time!

#2 The 'one-piece side drape top' is sewn in an awesome aqua splatter knit from Dangerfield/Alannah Hill (ClearIT) and is the straight size XL worn backwards as I prefer the splodge pattern on what was the back aspect.

This top has been made by many wonderful sewists and is as simple and comfy as their versions. Influenced by their reviews, I raised both front and back necklines by 5cm. I finished the next & arm openings with a single piece of bias cut fabric which I deliberately stretched and left the edge raw as it really suits this fabric. The hem is narrow hem finished on the overlocker.

And how the top looks in 'everyday' pose
The draping is soft folds to the side of my waist/hips

* I spent a delightful day exploring the Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries exhibition at Ripplonlea yesterday - not only was there eye candy "why helloooo Inspector Robinson" and magnificent late 20's fashions close enough to touch… but they also had a murder to solve with letters hidden (often in plain sight) throughout all the rooms

One of my dear GF is also a keen geocacher and has an excellent eye for noting things just a little bit out of place, or a little too obviously arranged - we had an excellent time and of course, confirmed our suspicions about 'who done it'  ;)



  1. Nice choice of style and fabric. This is a really interesting style choice and it's so contemporary too.

  2. SeamsOddLouise.Blogspot.com3 December 2013 at 06:25

    I like both. They both look so super comfy. Clothes that you'll throw on again and again. The "splodge" fabric is great. Two great makes well done.

  3. Thanks Lousie ;) I'm hoping I can find some other styles as easy yet great in the other books in the series - they're my perfect "pick me up" sews


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