Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Christmas Time!!!

Happy Festive Season everyone! We celebrate Christmas with the family, but are also in the midst of birthday season ;)
This year I participated in three sewist's swaps and have met some of the most lovely and talented sewists and their blogs.

I participated in Kat's Sewist's Secret Santa and had a win! - My lovely recipient received her gift safely (big win! - and I do like meeting new-to-me bloggers!) and I received a lovely piece of vintage sewing patterned cotton/linen that I can't wait to convert to the sewing bag I've been itching to make to keep my bits & bobs organised and away from the boys. Thank You!

I was also part of the Handmade Ornament Swap organised by the lovely Kelli of True Bias who created a swap pool for us Aussies and NewZealander to save on international postage - yay! ;)
Five gorgeous ornaments arrived in my post box - snail mail!! and there was much jostling as the younger members competed to be able to open them & hang them on our rather undersized vintage tree! (ok, so they were scattered a little more for the week of Christmas!)

 And in more detail, here they are:

The framed fabric & embroidery at the top came all the way from the lovely Rhonda in NZ and we all wished for brisk postal winds on both sides of the Tasman - it's very lovely and gorgeous colours.
I adore my red star from Allison, and Gabrielle's chocolate has only survived as it arrived on the only stifling >35C day Melbourne had before Christmas and went straight to the fridge!
The delightful Renee's was first to arrive and she's blogged about her inspiration & making of it here
I adore my bird from Amber of the crafty fox - … and I may have subliminally influenced her going by her most recent post… ;)

My Weindeer were crafted from all of my favourite dress fabrics that I've made this year. They were all different and of course, I only photographed them on my phone, realising that I'd not photographed them properly, after sealing their envelopes .. Thank You also AusPost for allowing 20mm depth for large letters, it is appreciated ;)
(keen viewers may note that the grey Tiramisu one is so wonky, he was replaced with my 2012 weindeer above )

And the third? I participated in the Sew Weekly Reunion swap and received a lovely copy of the Swing Dress, which I must admit is one of this year's UFOs as I lost enthusiasm when my notions package got lost & I started to doubt my fabric choice (a pale green ?poly cotton with a sheen from my stash). It might get a re-trial in 2014 ;)

I was allocated the lovely Andrea from Physics Girl on the loose and I had a delightful time wandering though her blog & selecting some vintage koi/orange notions and a blouse & culottes pattern that may be of use in her cycling life. Her beautiful post about her flange skirt (awesome idea!!!!) with the koi zips & binding was wonderfully touching and made me feel wonderfully connected with the wider blogging world.

So, as 2013 ends and 2014 begins, Thank you and 'hello' to everyone stumbling into this corner of the blogosphere.


  1. Weindeer, haha!! And yes, subliminal forces were certainly at work it seems. ;)

    Gee you've certainly been busy sewing this Christmas! I love swaps!

  2. Thanks Amber - I love swaps too!! I had a lovely time sewing the weindeer up & reminiscing on what I'd made from each (and perhaps rejecting a particular metallic fabric as it declined to be transformed) and wondering what you were all creating for 5 virtual strangers ;)
    I'm already looking forward to this years!

  3. Renee //nearestthepin5 January 2014 at 00:54

    I love your idea of using fabrics from throughout the year in your ornaments - you must have had fun reflecting and sewing! I think I'm going to steal that idea for next year - lets do it again!! :)

  4. Lets indeed! Reflecting and sewing was a lovely way to settle into the end of the year, and I just realised, I drove past your corner of the world yesterday ;)

  5. Mystery solved! I finally get to say thank you so much for your thoughtful notions and pattern selection. I love the idea of making ornaments from your year's makes.

  6. Yay! Thanks for tracking me back - I had lots of fun reading about your adventures and seriously, your skirts are SO awesome & practical!!!!


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