Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Miss Bossy Patterns - Selecting a project for March

Over at the Monthly Stitch they realise that some of us may have patterns in our stash that we've never used, despite our very best intentions.
Some of us may also have fabric associated with these patterns
The March Challenge is to select three of those patterns and to ask you to vote for one which will be sewn for March.
Now, my pattern stash is trying to keep up with Heather B of "all the patterns" and there are some gems that need some TLC before they are worthy.
There may also be some fabric that's waiting on the aforementioned pattern tweaking….
Getting to this glorious stage isn't going to happen in the next month ;)

Voting for all!!

So, I've chosen a luscious knit from the Clegs sale that I pat every time I pass and paired it with the first pattern I saw from Drape Drape - top #1 that I've never even traced….. I even have a draped red knit top shaped hole in my wardrobe (the RTW version is simply, worn out!)

Second is a geometric purple, brown & grey silk that I went back to the Fabric Store to buy and will be a straight-maxi-wrap skirt - again, it's RTW partner is wearing out (and not silk nor fabulously strikingly geometric!)
Style 3296 is from 1971 and is simply adorable, although the silk may not need the button detail. It also has a really cute wrap top for more sewing procrastination ;)
Vogue 9703 was the only other straight maxi wrap skirt pattern in my collection.

Third is from left field - I adore this early 1970's influenced/Art Nouveau inspired rayon I bought at the same time as the floral rayon for my Victory Nicola. I also adore my mum's 1960's stash of shift dress patterns and Butterick 2772 is one of them. I don't think the rayon will hold the pockets well, but will drape a collar nicely. I do reserve the option to make the collar in a plain navy or convert it to a boat neck! ;) Simplicity 8139 from 1969 is just adorable; again, I'm not too sure on the high neck & keyhole (love it, but I do like to breathe).

Oh, and if you want to leave a comment along the lines of "Just make the pants already", (February's challenge) feel free ;)

Three fabrics, five patterns - I couldn't make it too simple! Vote for your favourite below and please, leave me a comment if you've got some thoughts free polls 

And… with perfect timing, Julia Bobbin has announced the Mad Men III challenge!! We're up to the late 1960's and early 1970s, so if Miss Bossy chooses wisely, she may have chosen an inspired entry ;) If she choses the non-MadMen era option, then I just might not take the top off - no pressure! ;)


  1. Drape drape please! I love those patterns and the top looks so flowy and summery!

  2. SeamsOddLouise.Blogspot.com19 February 2014 at 12:33

    Drape Drape, can't wait.

  3. I think I'm in the minority: I love that 1969 shift dress. What do you mean you like to breathe? I mean, really, is it necessary? And that rayon! I loves it. Even if drape drape wins, please pretty please make a 60s dress?

    Also, just make those pants already.

  4. Hmmmm tough choice but had to go with the Style skirt- so cute! Also, I loooove the fabric you paired with the shifts & can't wait to see that one made up too :)

  5. Your wish is (almost) my command ;)

  6. Well, it's gorgeously drapey ;) It was the very first Drape Drape pattern I saw - so I really 'should' have made it by now - Thanks for enabling!

  7. I love the rayon too ;) And I'm loving the excuse to sew with it and a late 60's pattern!!

  8. Love the Drape Drape series of books, and this one is wearable - and the fabric is luscious ;)

  9. I really love all the views S8139 - ok, especially the keyhole ones, breathing is optional you say, well….. ;)
    - And Yes Ma'am. It's pattern indecision on pantsx1000 though ;)

  10. I do love the early 70's Style patterns and the top that is paired with it is just too cute too!! V.glad you like the big print, I think it might get a guernsey someday ;)

  11. Love the Butterick 2772 in the retro print. That look is really coming back in style. You have some great choices, so you will win any way you go. Have fun.

  12. Thanks Ramona ;) I just saw the Boden woollen tunic - hmm.. maybe…..

  13. Go the 1960s Butterick. Definitely. No question. Please.

  14. Thank you ;) I'm very, very tempted - This is a fun challenge!!

  15. I think Tilly may have referenced that same Boden on her post …
    Her new Coco pattern has a similar look.

  16. It does, I'm loving Coco's mod look! & yes, that's where I spotted it ;)

  17. Thank You everyone who took the time to read and vote! I have both a clear fabric winner and a clear pattern winner - I can see March might be a bit busy ;)


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