Sunday, 18 May 2014

Half way through May #MMMay14

RenAlex&KMoss&CDSS, ClegsSS, CSS&Renfrew, SDT.
Top pic is V1250&ClegsSilkScarf 
The texta garments are MeMade, the pencil indicates RTW
One of my favourite online community events has to be Me Made May each year. This is the first year I've participated, but seeing sewists from around the world in their 'everyday' outfits is one of the most inspiring things - and of much more use to me for coordinating my wardrobe than any number of 'stylist' articles or photoshoots ;)

Week One had 4 days & was accompanied by Melbourne having a cold snap that took me completely by surprise - I couldn't remember what I wore last winter to stay warm!

I wore silk scarves days 1-3, so delightfully warm, colourful & lightweight. I have several, all 1m lengths of glorious silk chiffon with narrow hems that I can wear folded like a scarf, or draped as a shawl/wrap.
DayOne: Grainline MossMini in Koi, Sewaholic Renfrew/Tessuti Alexa mashup & Collette Dinnegan silk scarf (RTW leggings & boots & undergarments)

I've posted some photos on Instagram (tagged #MMMay14) and some in the official MeMadeMay14 Flickr group.
Actually taking daily outfit photos fortunately isn't in the brief (phew!), so this post will also demonstrate how I can't draw or colour in either ;)
GreyAlexa&giraffe, DDD&TAnita, KMoss, SDTank, RenAlex&GMoss, SDT&GMoss, VNicola

I also trialled my blue Cake Red Velvet dress on day 6
& confirmed that it isn't going to be part of my everyday wardrobe.
My grungy green 1st Grainline Moss also got a guernsey twice and is short, but great over tights/leggings. Speaking of leggings, I enjoyed getting my giraffe tights back on (D5) and my Tessuti printed ponte Anita pants (D6&9).


My love for my self-drafted tank top in opp-shop poly chiffon with it's detachable tie continues, I've worn it on days 4,8&10 and have had to make a deliberate effort to reach past it and my Koi Moss (D1,7 & 13) ;)

Week 2 warmed up a little, phew, and I had fun playing around with some lesser worn items such as my 2nd Seamster (Disparate Disciplines) Dandelion dress (unblogged) in grey ponte (Day 6). 

Victory Pattern's Nicola

I've been very happy with how my Victory Nicola layers, so it's had three outings (D11,15&18), and my MadMen dress (D14, eve 8)has also layered well - with my RTW crocheted shrug worn backwards to keep my back bare!
shrug&DD2#2, DD2#4&KMoss, MMen, VNicola, shrug&S6672, RenAlex, VNicola
I've had multiple wears (D1,9&17) from my taupe merino Sewaholic Renfrew/Tessuti AlexaT mashup top (also made last winter & unblogged). I have some more in tan and purple and think that the time is right for another two LS semi-fitted tops.

I've recently added a peacock blue shrug to my wardrobe, courtesy of Blogless Anna's gorgeous grey & pink shrugs from Me&May, a Japanese pattern book - I believe the "Shrug-olution" has been declared as Lara Thornberry has made three so far as well ;)

I'll give the shrug and it's matching V1250 their own post soon.


  1. Looks like you're doing great this MMM! And I think your illustrations are lovely - believe me, if I were to draw what I wore it would be much much worse haha

  2. Loving seeing your outfits for MMM - you have such a great variety! I really like that tank, too. Stuff like that that goes well with jeans always gets a lot of wear in my wardrobe as well.

  3. ;) Thank you ;) I'm even battling to find enough coloured texta's/pencils in the kids pencil cases!! ;)

  4. Thank you ;) I love my DrapeDrape tops as well, they're great with jeans & I'm realising that my 'wardrobe staples' are fitted skirts (with pockets=bonus!) or dresses that can be layered, & leggings - time for more Mosses I think!

  5. It's for this reason I joined MMM again this year. It seems to really focus my mind on what I actually wear and need. There is no other month when I would slow down enough to give it proper consideration - although I have been trying with the Colette Wardrobe thing I've been doing and that's been helpful too.

  6. I love seeing your style. There's a lot of shapes that you've made the most of. Nicola is my fav but then your style is my fav too.

  7. You have some simply beautiful makes! And I so admire the way you combine them; I'm pretty timid when it comes to print mixing. Your sketches are gorgeous too! Looks much more fun than the daily photo thing (my least favourite part of MMM :/) Very inspiring!

  8. Thanks Maria ;) I'm really enjoying seeing everything that everyone is posting, and playing with different silhouettes & colours/textures in them.

  9. Thanks Dani ;) I'm not very bold either, I just tend to keep a solid in the middle or keep them all monochrome - and aren't polkadots & stripes solids really ;) Having 'loud' leggings was a trend I was late to, but it really is SO much fun - and easy to adopt when they're paired with a knee length skirt & tall boots! ;)


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