Wednesday, 4 June 2014

MMMay14: The conclusion

I have really enjoyed participating in Me Made May 14 and have met so many other sewing bloggers/flickrites who style their outfits in really lovely ways - It's been so perfectly inspiring!
SDTank&TealSS, DD2#4Blue, YSREva&BurdaPJ, CDSS&DD2#4Red, SDTank&KoiMoss, MumsVest&MossGreen, TiramisuGrey
YourStyleRocks Eva & Burda Pants

I have confirmed that I do have a 'uniform' of sorts. For autumn, I like to pair a shorter skirt or dress with leggings and knee high boots, be fitted at my hips and side waist, but looser at my front waist. Nothing earth shattering there ;)

My palette is primarily Black & White & Grey prints with reds & blues as accents. I reach for my silk scarves almost daily (I may have forgotten to draw them in!) and rotate 2 pairs of RTW jeans with the leggings based outfits.

The days I found hardest to dress were those where it was c-c-c-cold & it was needing to leave the house, rather than choosing MMade, where the difficulty lay ;)

(If only I would/could stay in fleecy pants, zip up jacket & UGG boots, but no, I just can't ...)
V1250Blue, AlexaGreen, SDTank&CDSS&TessutiAnita, MeMayShrug, RenfrewGrey&MossGreen&giraffe leggings, Gatsby dress
DrapeDrape2 #4 in blue Terry Knit

My Most Worn Items were (unsurprisingly):

  • The Koi Moss Skirt (4 times & counting, the green another 3)
  • Self drafted Tank 6 times
  • I wore long sleeved Renfrew or Tessuti Alexa's (or a mashup) a total of 7 times and deliberately limited my reaching for my DrapeDrape tops, so they are underrepresented.
  • With the exception of my Victory Nicola outings, I wore each dress once.
  • My most worn leggings were plain black RTW ones (I have a few..).

So, as I pack for a wonderful sewing vacation, I have more leggings, long sleeved layering tops, Moss skirts (Must have the pockettsss) and a zipped knit jacket on my cutting table. - I've never cut more than 1 garment at a time before, it's quite liberating! ... I'll report back on how effective it is... (oh look, Squirrel!!)

Thank You everyone for participating, sharing, observing and commenting - it's been fun!

My Gatsby "One Hour Dress" 

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