Monday, 23 June 2014

Mosses in AcCord

According to the dictionaries in Casa Maci, accord (the noun) is to agree or be in harmony with opinions, actions or characters - so, let's be in accord that MossesForAll is a valid aim ;)
Mosses For All!!!
 I missed #mossmakingmonth in April - and Thank You to Jenny for bringing it to my attention - and for facilitating my purchase of a remnant of fine black cord from Tessuti.

Yes, I made my third Grainline Moss skirt - and Jen has just published an explanation of the waistband mystery here.
This is the first time I've sewn with cord and it taught me a few things:
Cord has a nap, it feels smooth when stroked in one direction and rough when stroked in the opposite - a lot like dachshunds really.
It also sheds, a lot.. I overlocked the edges of each piece before I started assembling my skirt and I had black fuzz everywhere. - I don't think I'm ready for faux fur or sequins yet!
And 'best of all', it attracts (and declines to release) brown dachshund fur straight from the dog.
It is warm though - mum was right, cord is an essential winter fabric!
Cord Moss & Tiramisu leggings, both fabrics from Tessuti remnants
I had the most wonderful weekend at SewAway with the social sewing girls - some of them flew in from the northern states as well - laughter, inspiration, camaraderie, great food, a smidge of geocaching, much sewing in a sun soaked room and so much fun!

I did confirm that I do like to natter and that my sewing gets a tad, shall we say, distracted ;) so I gave up on the sewing when I realised I needed to cut extra pocket facings and pulled out the camera ;)
I have a double layered packet facing, so it's right side out dachshunds on both the outside & inside!
So, my Moss is essentially unchanged from my grungy green denim and Koi versions - a size 10 with a bit over an inch sway back adjustment & wide side seams. I lengthened it considerably again as well and (again) used contrasting (light weight cotton) fabric for the pockets & waistband facings. This time I omitted the fly facing as the cord was too bulky, however I could use cotton for one. My zip is from Darn Cheap and the dachshund & whale cottons are from Spotlight.
The same sway back adjustment as my other 2 Mosses
and big seam allowances - maybe I will cut smaller than the 10 one day ;)
I had a misstep with attaching my waistband & beautifully attached it with one side an inch below the zip end - so this version now dips down at the front, which is rather comfortable while keeping my back toasty warm!

And those in accord with MossesForAll - look! I found Funkbunny!!
Oh Deer, I adore your Mossy skirt!


  1. Oh I like this. Really practical. This is the kind of skirt I would wear ALL the time. What is a sway back?

  2. Awesome skirt! And you and Funkbunny are pretty cute together.

  3. Thanks for the explanation, that makes sense now. It is such a lovely feeling reaching for me made as a wardrobe staple. Well done you.

  4. Thanks Louise ;) I think you'll enjoy jumping on the MossesForAll train ;)

  5. Totally great mosses. Love them! And sounds like you had a great time, too.

  6. Look at you two.... TOO CUTE!! So jealous of your sewaway adventures, looking forward to hearing all about it :)

  7. These are sharp- and not just because of those superior facings! I'm digging your vesty business too!

  8. Great outfit, from top to toes :)
    Love the back drop too.

  9. Thanks Philippa! We had such a lovely time! It's amazing how time flies when a group of like minded ladies get nattering - and how inspiration can fill the room!

  10. ;) Thanks Jenny! You were definitely there in spirit - and I believe you are a patron saint of all Mosses! ;)

  11. Why Danke Anne! ;) The top is RTW, but totally cute. I tried creating a similar version at Sewaway, but... (lets put it down to poor fabric choice) - I'll definitely be replicating it again at some stage, it's wonderfully versatile ;)

  12. Thanks Rachel! It was a fun photo shoot - and the dessert afterwards was wonderful! ;)

  13. Yay for Mosses!! Really loving this make, Nic - esp the pocket lining! ;)

  14. Thanks Mel! And putting dachshunds (or Liberty, hmmm... can we request Liberty designs??....) where they make us smile, is possibly one of my favourite parts about sewing ;)

  15. Well, if anyone ever needed a reason to sew their own clothes, dachshund fabric lining is the ultimate Exhibit A! Looking at this I think I'm going to have to jump on to the Moss bandwagon....

  16. #MossesForAll!!!! Come and join us all up here on the Moss bandwagon! It's a friendly place ;)


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